Are you thinking about purchasing a home this spring, or maybe you have already? With the excitement of moving to a new home also comes the stress of actually making the move from your old one and setting up a new home.

If hiring professional organizers and packers isn’t in your budget, check out this fabulous new e-book by Regina Leeds –

Right Size Book Cover

Rightsize…Right Now! The 8 Week Plan to Organize, De-Clutter, and Make Any Move Stress Free! takes the reader through a comprehensive plan to prepare for any move so as to make it as organized and stress-free as possible, and to treat the moving process as a golden opportunity to start fresh and clutter-free!

I think this book will be a godsend to everyone who dreads moving (and that’s just about everyone!).  You can pre-order this e-book here.

Leeds has written a number of books about organizing, including The Idiot’s Guide to De-Cluttering (um, I think I am in need of that one!) and The 8 Minute Organizer, so she knows a thing or two about the topic!