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Coldwell Banker’s research shows that among 2015 buyers, 44% found their homes online while 33% found their homes by being introduced through their Realtor®.

If you’re a home seller, it’s imperative to hire a Realtor® who offers a comprehensive digital marketing strategy – most buyers are shopping online first (42% in fact), so your home needs to look fantastic (read: professional photos) and have compelling verbiage to encourage potential buyers to move from looking at the photos on their computer to touring the home in real life. 

If you’re a home buyer, you can count on your Realtor® to match you up with homes that meet your criteria–and sometimes those homes are “pocket listings”: homes available only to brokers via the ‘underground” real estate broker network. Many deals have been made before a home has even hit the MLS – your Realtor® will be tapped into his/her network and have access to homes that the general public will not.

Only 6% of sales were manifested by friends’ or families’ referrals,  and a tiny 9% strictly from a yard sign–these methods work well combined with a digital strategy and a Realtor®’s expertise, but certainly not on their own.


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